The Foxy & Hounds at Foxy Bingo

Yet another Foxy Bingo player winning a large sum of money (ie £10,000) for Free recently!

You will want to note, from 7pm until Midnight, at the Foxy & Hounds, here is always hundreds of £’s more in extra jackpots to enjoy!

You also get to enjoy plenty of Freebies & Fun at Foxy, Weekly Specials, the Foxy Cash Climber, as well as, a number of other promotions and offers, including a great Membership Scheme and Loyalty Points.

So how many variants of Bingo are actually offered by Foxy Bingo? Well there is 90 Ball Bingo of course, then there’s 75 Ball, there’s the Pre-Buy Jackpots, Guaranteed Jackpots, Progressive Jackpots, 1 to Go games and Tourneys. Also a heap of Chat Games as well!

There’s heaps of fun coverall and pattern games when you play 75 Ball Bingo, as well as the brilliant 5 Line Bingo for you to try out for size (and luck).

As far as Pre-Buy Jackpots are concerned, its handy that you can buy tickets for all these games in advance, so you get to join in the fun even if you cant be at your PC when the game actually plays. Note there’s Pre-Buy Jackpot games running every single night, with prizes including dream holidays, luxury treats and the Daily Guaranteed Jackpots. Log onto Foxy Bingo and check out the prizes and prices for each day.

Bingo within a limited number of calls to scoop the tasty 90 and 75 Ball Progressive Jackpots. Be advised (if you don’t already know) that every time you play one of the great 90 ball games (excluding the guaranteed jackpots) that part of every single penny goes into a separate progressive jackpot.

This simply means that every time you play a 90 ball game that you are also playing for the progressive jackpot. To win the progressive jackpot you need to bingo on the FH in 44 calls or less.

As far as the 75 Ball Progressive Jackpot you will want to know that the progressive jackpot pattern is the Lucky Stars pattern. This means that each time you play a Lucky Stars pattern game a small part of each pattern spent goes towards the 75 ball progressive jackpot – which you are also playing for!]

Just so you are sure, to win the 75 ball progressive jackpot, you need to bingo on the Lucky Stars pattern in 46 calls or less!