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Why Are Online Bingo Sites So Popular?

The popularity of bingo sites is hard to question, but many people still don’t understand what draws millions of people around the world towards them. Here is an answer to that question.

Bingo is one of the most popular games on the internet and has rapidly gained in popularity over the last few years. It doesn’t have the same feel as serious gambling and the risks are much lower, which makes it a great game for people who are simply looking for a way to unwind.

One of the main reasons such sites have rapidly gained in popularity in recent years is the improvement in the technology that is used to provide online gaming. You can now receive a realistic experience in a secure environment, and on some sites you can even talk to other players, on chat rooms. This has made it a much more attractive proposition than the older sites which used to lack excitement or user interaction. Click here to play bingo yourself. The overall professionalism of this online game has increased dramatically and people are now much happier to spend their time playing online rather than go to their local hall.

However, perhaps the most important aspect of the success of this game is the large prize money offered on some sites. A side-effect of millions of people playing bingo online is that the whole industry now has more money, which can then be used as an incentive to attract more players. Essentially, the influx of new players has allowed for huge amounts of prize money to be made available, making this game a great way to have fun whilst also giving yourself the chance to win large sums of cash.

While many casino games are often quite complicated and require significant amounts of investment in order to have a chance of winning big, the game of bingo does not require much investment at all, so it offers the perfect balance between enjoyment and opportunity.

Another way that these websites attract new customers is by offering lucrative bonuses to people who sign-up, also known as welcome bonuses or promotions, which has certainly helped boost their popularity.

It is clear that online bingo is here to stay, and as it rises in popularity the industry will adapt in order to keep growing at a fast pace. If these gaming sites are able to continue their meteoric rise, there could be millions more people playing online in the next few years.

The Tasty Freesy Squeezy Bingo Games

There’s always that great First Time Deposit Bonus (200%) to entice new players to Tasty Bingo, but what about the Freesy Squeezy Bingo games also. This promo is especially one for those keen on Free Cash.

You can quench that free thirsting at Tasty where you can choose to play both Free and Cheap bingo every single day of the week!

Regular promotions and offers, include the Cracking Cashback, the great Side Bets feature, the Joy Gem VIP Club, along with the Free £10K Summer Pot. You can always log on for details if you’re not sure when, how and what!

But what about those other specials; the Million a Month, the £50 Trolley Dash, £2K Bingo Wings, the £50 Golden delicious, the fun £155 Tourney Teaser, the Cash Mountain, The £2 Mill Thrill, £200 Friday Feast, and yet more with the £50 After Eight Mint, the £50 Saturday Night Takeaway or Penny for a £30 Pizza!

Wondering what to do, where to play next weekend, well then take up Tasty’s Weekend Madness promotions – log on and see exactly what tasty greats they have in store for you each weekend. To give you a hint, a sample of the happy fun events happening each and every weekend, there’s the G & T Competition, Thursday to Sunday, there’s Butler in the Buff each Friday, there’s Sunshine Sundowners from Friday to Sunday, as well as Picnic in the Park – and more. Log onto Tasty Bingo and grab all the details.

Look into the Dinner Date promo too (prize just increased to £55) plus a 100% Deposit Bonus.

Be the top Instant Game or Bingo wagerer throughout the week and you’ll be ordering your next meal from a restaurant menu, plus enjoying a side order of a 100% bonus on your very next deposit!

Double Chat Points – certainly many smiles in the Cheers room each evening between 5pm and 6pm and also from 11pm to 12am with your double shot of Double Points!

The fact is that just when players think that Tasty Bingo cant possibly get any better – it always does! Play every other Saturday evening ( 9pm) and you have a chance of winning up to £2,000,000!

Multiple Bingo Gains with Tasty Bingo

Multiple Gains with Tasty Bingo players. Not only do you get 200% by way of a First Time Deposit Bonus (which means you actually TREBLE your money with any deposit between £5 and £100 – eg start with £20 end up playing with £60) but you get a special Free Gift as well!

You get to actually choose that gift too! No better, way as Tasty Bingo says, to start off a great new relationship, than with a great gift!

Your welcome gift could be your choice of Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine, Chocolates or £10 into your Bingo Account! That nicely bodied red full of ripe plumy fruit with a hint of space, that’s super smooth, and a really long finish – sounds delicious and would be the choice of many players no doubt!

But players really need to sample that wonderful Tasty Bingo “Truffle Tray” too – a great cashback scheme. Tasty Bingo has got really cool and creamy with this new truffle tray. In a nutshell players, the more truffles you earn, the more cashback you will receive! Log onto Tasty and find out exactly how you can taste this one right away!

“£5,000 Per Month – Guaranteed FREE Pre-Buys”. Fill up on around £150 per day plays, PLUS an extra £250 on Fridays with Tasty Bingo’s ‘Daily Free Cash’.

This promo/offering is Tasty Bingo’s way of making sure you’re not left hungry! Tasty has now launched its new DAILY FREE CASH GAMES – Every day they give away £150 with an extra topping of another £350 on Fridays as well!

Let’s check out a few samples:

• Freshly Baked 10pm DAILY – Free Tickets – £50
• FREE100 7pm DAILY – Free Tickets – £100

They go up to £200 Jackpots players – log on to see.

A FEAST of “Freebies Bingo” – Join in with other players to taste the Tasty Bingo Free rooms – they are to die for! Yes, join in in the ‘Naked Chef’ room and win some of those delicious variable jackpots between 7am and 1am EVERY SINGLE DAY of the week! And also, each day you deposit you can play in the Tasty Bingo FREE Daily £50 Deposit game in the ‘Freshly Baked’ room at 10pm. Try them all.

AND WHAT ABOUT the “Cash Fountain” at Tasty Bingo too where you can win up to £500! Its almost like watching the cash flow through your hands, while you’re getting ready to win big! This one is on every night from 7pm in the Hot Chocolate room!

But that’s ONLY THE BEGINNING of promotions, offers and bonuses at Tasty Bingo players. There’s also the “Hundreds & Thousands Sale”, the “£500 Tasty Treat”, “The £200 Friday Feast”, the “After Eight £50”, as well as ones such as the “£50 Saturday Night Takeaway” and the “£30 – Penny for a Pizza” game as well!


Tasty Bingo does Good

Tasty Bingo are one of the newest online bingo sites to join the joy of bingo fleet and they have done good! By that we mean, Tasty Bingo have definitely delivered a delicious bingo site for players to frequent and we are talking great promos, big cash prizes and tasty goodies to be in with the chance of winning.

If you have not yet tried Tasty Bingo online out for yourself, then here is some info about that site which will be useful to you.

First up, Tasty Bingo welcome all new players with a double whammy bonus and it works like this – Sign up with Tasty today and not only will your first deposit made at their online bingo site be met with a 200% cash match bonus, but you will automatically get to select from one of three fab gifts.

What would you choose? A bottle of wine? Some yummy Belgium Chocolates? Or £10 Free?

Well sign up with Tasty Bingo online today, and you can take your pick………literally! Plus, once you become a fully fledged depositing member with Tasty Bingo you will be able to play all their freebie online bingo games, and we are talking being in with the chance of winning around £5,000 (each month) for free.

So free online bingo at Tasty Bingo is well worth joining in…….as you can basically take your seat at their fee online bingo game and play for £150 every day…… of a Friday the free bingo treat gets even more interesting, as £350 in cold hard cash is up for grabs (free) every Friday night at their online bingo site.

Once signed up with Tasty Bingo, you will also be able to participate in their promos, and let’s just say you have lots and lots of them to choose from.

The joy pot is another great feature at Tasty Bingo and this one brings you the opportunity to win a guaranteed £25,000 cash prize. The joy pot game plays four times a year across joy of bingo sites and these include Tasty Bingo, Wink Bingo, Posh Bingo and Red Bus Bingo.

You can win free tickets for the joy pot game by playing at Tasty Bingo……….full details of this offer can be found to view at their online bingo site, so don’t forget to take a look.


Festive Season Bingo with Tasty Bingo

Now players you’ve just got to think this sounds like a whole bunch of fun to win, its a Fully Catered Saucy Soiree Worth £2,000 at Tasty Bingo that’s what it is!

This game, where you could win the Ultimate Saucy Dinner Party is to be played on Saturday, 1 January 2011, at 9.45pm! That’s only the beginning though of the treats to be experienced at Tasty Bingo – there’s also “What’s On Tasty’s £600 Xmas Plate”, the Tasty “3p £300”, “Cash Mountain” and more!

Hopefully you didn’t miss the “12 Days of Xmas” (Bingo & IG Tourney) which finished Sunday last? It was yet another of the many great Tasty Bingo promos and treats which form part of this Festive Season at Tasty!

Do you have a particular dinner party fantasy players? You can actually win a dreamy dinner party for up to 10 people (worth £2,000) prepared by your very own personal private chef – and served by the famous ‘Butlers in the Buff’ in your own home! Plus you can indulge, game night, in a whole bunch of extra 1TG and 2TG prizes as well!

What a hoot players. Now this great “£2k Saucy Soiree’ plays on New Years Day, Saturday, 1 January at 9.45pm sharp don’t delay!

This great prize includes;

A 3 course sit-down dinner for up to 12 guest – cooked by a professional chef in your own home

In addition to the meal, the prize includes the provision of china, silverware, crockery and linen.

‘Professional Butlers in the Buff’ will serve and entertain you!

BUT EXACTLY how do you win this most unusual of prizes? Easy enough, very easy as a matter of fact, as the winner will be the first player to bingo on the ‘Chef’s Hat’ pattern. The 1TG players win a share of £150 and 2TG players win a share of £100!

You can either pre-buy those £1 cards for this great fabulous Saucy Soiree or EARN the cards for the game for each 500 Saucy Soiree points that you accumulate. Log onto Tasty Bingo to discover the ways to earn points, including a whole 250 points for simply emailing your favourite dinner recipe!

As for yet another special festive promotion at Tasty Bingo, well you could end up piling your plate with stacks of cash in the run-up to Crimbo with “What’s On Tasty’s £600 Xmas Plate”!

There are as many as 4 chances to win CASH every week for the weeks of December leading up to Christmas, leaving players now just under 2 weeks left. And you can win with these 4 chances for a total of just 60p! Log onto Tasty Bingo and check the full details of this promotion out players!

ALWAYS REMEMBER too players the other great promos at Tasty Bingo, such as the ‘Tasty Music Hour’, ‘Truffles Tray’ and keep in mind that the next Joy Pot is on New Year’s Day too, at 10pm. You could be the next Tasty Bingo “£25,000 Joy Pot Winner”!


Tasty Bingo Xmas Plate

Tasty Bingo is serving up some scrumptious bingo games every Saturday all through December. Say farewell to 2010 with loads of cash jackpots in this last month of the year. There’s a total £600 up for grabs in the Tasty’s £600 Xmas Plate. Serve yourself a huge helping of this £600 Christmas treat.

Play bingo every Saturday in December and scoop a portion of this cash jackpot.

The Tasty Bingo £600 Xmas Plate games will play every Saturday at 8pm in the 75 or 90 ball bingo rooms under the Specials tab. There are different games you will get to play on each Saturday – sometimes 90 ball and sometimes 75 ball bingo.

Win bigger prizes as the weeks go by. Start with a jackpot of £50 and play bingo on the last Saturday for a cool £300 in guaranteed prize money. Tasty Bingo is laying out a sumptuous spread all through this month. Make sure you get a good bite out of every game!

The first game in the Tasty’s £600 Xmas Plate promotion played on Saturday 4th December. This pattern bingo game gave away £50 to the player who binged on the Turkey pattern first and tickets were priced at 5p each.

Now you can gear up for the second game in this month long bingo promotion. Play 90 ball bingo for a £100 guaranteed jackpot. There will be three prizes in this game for the three lines and tickets cost 10p each. Win £20 for the first line, £30 for the second line and scoop a cool £50 for the full house.

The third game will be a 75 ball pattern bingo game and you have to hit the bingo on the Xmas Candy pattern to sweep up the £150 prize pot. Tickets for this online bingo game are priced at 15p each. Play this game on Saturday 18th December at 8pm on the dot.

The final game in this four game series will be played on Christmas Day, 25th December. Once again you will get to play 90 ball bingo where there will be three cash jackpots on offer. The total prize money is a hefty £300 and it is divided thus.

The player to get the first line will win £50, the second line prize is £100 and the full house jackpot in this final game is £150, all in cash. Tickets for this game are 30p apiece.

Tasty Bingo has made sure you have a fun bingo game to look forward to every Saturday through December. You are allowed to buy a whopping 96 tickets for each of these Tasty’s £600 Xmas Plate bingo games. Stock up well on tickets for these special bingo games and take home a wad of extra cash every Saturday.

Play bingo at 8pm every Saturday and if you win any of these jackpots on offer you will find the money credited into your account immediately after the game.

Have a hearty feast out of Tasty’s £600 Xmas Plate all through December at Tasty Bingo.


Twelve Days of Xmas with Tasty Bingo

Christmas will be coming slightly early this year for Tasty Bingo players with their fab 12 days of Xmas promo which will be kicking off on Wednesday 1st December. There are lots of great prizes up for grabs in this festive offer from Tasty Bingo and we can tell you that to be in with the chance of winning the prizes it will be all about collecting points………so it is bingo tourney based.

There are all sorts of fab goodies waiting to be won in the twelve day of Xmas tourney on Tasty Bingo and they are set to include Christmas Dinner on them, cookware, decorations, hampers and cash………everything we need for Xmas and more!

If you are interested in taking part in the festive online bingo themed tourney at Tasty Bingo roomies, here is how it works.

It will be all about playing online bingo with Tasty Bingo between 1st to 12th of December and trying to clock up as many Xmas points as you can. This will be picked up as follows –

Every bingo win you get on either the Xmas Santa Hat or Christmas Tree pattern will give you – 20 Points
Every time you win bingo on the number 1 or number 25, you will pick up – 10 Points
Every £1 wager on bingo games for the duration of this tourney will give you – 5 Points
Every £20 wager on instant games during this tourney gives you – 3 Points

So as you can see roomies, you really can start accumulating those all important Xmas tourney points in no time at all from playing at Tasty Bingo……..and it goes without saying really that the top point scoring players will be walking off with those fab festive prizes.

The great thing about this Xmas promo from Tasty Bingo is that is simply runs alongside you usual game play at their online bingo site and it is set to reward their loyal / regular bingo players, which is fair enough.

Tasty Bingo are always coming up with tasty online bingo treats for their members and this is just one of them as you will find many, many more. Just log onto their online bingo site and take a look for yourself.


Tasty Bingo run Christmas Tourney

Tasty Bingo has a new tourney this December with prizes worth a total £800. Play bingo and the Instant Games to collect points for the 12 Days of Xmas bingo and Instant Games tourney and win a Christmas gift or a cash prize from Tasty Bingo.

The 12 Days of Xmas tourney takes off on Wednesday 1st December and is on till the 12th of the month. You have to play select bingo games and any of the Instant Games to earn points in this tourney. Collect points and move up to the top 12 positions on the tourney leader board to win the goodies that Tasty Bingo is giving away in this Xmas tourney.

Be your own Santa and get yourself some delicious gifts in time for Christmas. The top 12 players will win cook ware, hampers, decorations and even a special Xmas dinner. There are cash prizes too.

Tasty Bingo has prizes worth more than £800 up for grabs so make sure you’re playing the online bingo games and the Instant Games in the 12 Days of Xmas bingo and Instant Games tourney this December.

The top prize is £200 vouchers from Sainsbury’s for you to buy a family Xmas dinner. Treat your family to a lavish Christmas dinner this year with goodies from Sainsbury’s. Win a 5 piece essential John Lewis pots and pan set worth £150 if you make it to the second spot at the top.

The third prize in this tourney is a stack of vouchers for Christmas decorations worth £120 at John Lewis. The player in fourth place will win a Harrods Christmas Carol Hamper packed with Christmas goodies worth £85. All the players who make it to fifth to eighth place on the final leader board will win £50 in cash each and players in 9th to 12th places will also win cash, £25 each.

Play online bingo games and Instant Games in this 12 Days of Xmas tourney from Wednesday 1st December right though till Sunday 12th December and win these goodies from Tasty Bingo. Collect points and get yourself to the top 12 spots on the leader board and take home one of these mouth watering gifts this in time for Christmas. T

here are many ways to collect points and they’re all as easy as pie. Play pattern bingo and get 20 tourney points every time you score a bingo on the Xmas Santa Hat pattern and on the Xmas Tree pattern. Earn 10 points for every bingo scored on the number 1 and on the number 25.

Tasty Bingo will give you points for the money you spend on the bingo and the Instant Games too. Get 5 points for every £1 spent on bingo tickets and get 3 points for every £20 wagered on the Instant Games.

The 12 Days of Xmas bingo and Instant Games tourney starts on the 1st of December. Collect tourney points to win one of the 12 fabulous gifts that are up for grabs in this fun filled Christmas tourney at UK bingo site Tasty Bingo.


Grand Ideas from Tasty Bingo

What a grand idea for a prize at Tasty Bingo, a fully catered saucy soiree worth £2,000! The actual prize game plays on New Years Day 2011 at 9.45pm folks so make sure you’re there to win the ultimate in very saucy dinner parties – the “£2K Saucy Soiree”!

But let’s not forget the “£400 Winter Warmer” or “Wheel of Fortune” or other great items such as the “Banana Spit” or “Chocolate Sundae” Jackpots either!

Of course there’s ‘Instant Progressives’, ‘Hundreds & Thousands’, ‘Choose a Gift’, ‘Penny for a Pizza’, ‘Daily Free Cash’ and ‘Freebies Bingo’ to enjoy as well as a more extensive range of surprise prizes at Tasty Bingo players!

As far as the ‘£400 Winter Warmer’ promo is concerned, its about winning toasty prizes and hot dosh! It was a great way to start the run up to Christmas with some top prizes and cash as well to see you through the season in some style!

Tasty Bingo have got a list of patterns, number and Instant hits to get things really humming along players. You could have won some wonderful prizes! We say you could have won because unfortunately this great comp finished yesterday – just goes to prove you need to keep in regular contact with the wonderful Tasty Bingo – they’re always putting something surprisingly special on for players!

SO what’s the “£2,000 Saucy Soiree” all about? Its about winning a fully catered ultimate dinner party that’s what its all about. Kick off your New Year with an evening to remember players – by winning the ultimate dinner party (worth £2K) that evening, ie 1st January 2011 at 9.45pm!

You’ll be able to enjoy a luxury three course dinner with up to 10 of your closest friends – prepared by your very own personal chef – and served by some very saucy butler (in the buff) indeed). And enjoy it in your own home – so much more cosy! PLUS you get to also indulge in some extra 1TG and 2TG prizes as well!

ALL THIS for just £1 per ticket too! You’ll be delighted to know that the prize includes the following:

3 Course sit-down dinner for up to 10 guests, cooked by a professional chef
at your own home
Prize (in addition to the actual meal) also includes all china, silverware, crockery and line
‘Professional Butlers in the Buff’ will serve and entertain you

As for ‘Freebies Bingo’ well this is all about “Something for Nothing” players – something which is very very hard to step away from – log onto Tasty Bingo – and click through to Tasty’s ‘Freebies’ Bingo rooms!

Play to your hearts content in the ‘Naked Chef’, winning delicious variable jackpots from 7am to 1am each and EVERY DAY! But there’s more – tune into the games in the ‘Freshly Baked’ room as well – each day at 10pm.

Log onto Tasty Bingo today to discover more about the details players!


Tasty Bingo Winter Warmers Tourney

Tasty Bingo has a hot new tourney where you can win great prizes and big cash jackpots too. Play the online bingo games and the Instant Games for the £400 Winter Warmers tourney from the 15th to the 23rd of November where you can win some superb prizes and great hunks of money too.

Collect tourney points and get to the top ten positions on the leader board and you can win hot prizes and cool cash jackpots.

This winter Tasty Bingo is really heating things up with exciting promotions and tourneys. The £400 Winter Warmers tourney gives you the chance to pick up some snazzy prizes that you will be quite happy to use yourself or, if you need some interesting Christmas gifts, these will do very well too.

You also have the option of taking the cash equivalent in case you don’t like the prize on offer. Either way it will be to your advantage.

The tourney is already under way and all you have to do is play bingo and the Instant Games to climb up the leader board quickly. Earn points for bingos on selected patterns and numbers and also on the money you spend on the bingo and Instant Games. Get 20 points every time you score a bingo either on the Coffee Mug or on the Toast patterns.

Get 10 tourney points for every bingo that you score on the number 12 and on 21 too. earn 5 points for every £1 you wager on the online bingo games and get another 3 points on every £20 that you spend on the Instant Games at Tasty Bingo.

Here are the prizes that you can win in this £400 Winter Warmers tourney. The top prize is a Nespresso Citiz Coffee maker. This stunning coffee maker with its sleek retro design will brighten up your breakfast bar and you will look forward to your morning cuppa even more! The second prize is a Breakfast Collection crockery set from top brand Le Creuset.

Use this gorgeous set yourself or gift it this Christmas to someone really dear to you. There will be happiness, guaranteed! The player who makes it to third place in this tourney will take home a nifty Philips Electric Handmixer and the fourth prize is a Smartbox UK Tasting Experience for two.

Win any of these top notch prizes or opt for the cash value – the choice is yours. All players in the fifth to the tenth positions will share £120 in cash.

The holiday is season is nearly here and Tasty Bingo has tons of exciting promotions coming your way. Have a blast playing bingo and the Instant Games for the £400 Winter Warmers tourney over the next few days to win cash or these super prizes.

Make sure you are a funded player at this UK bingo site so you are eligible and your tourney points keep adding up. Play the £400 Winter Warmers tourney games at Tasty Bingo.