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The Foxy & Hounds at Foxy Bingo

Yet another Foxy Bingo player winning a large sum of money (ie £10,000) for Free recently!

You will want to note, from 7pm until Midnight, at the Foxy & Hounds, here is always hundreds of £’s more in extra jackpots to enjoy!

You also get to enjoy plenty of Freebies & Fun at Foxy, Weekly Specials, the Foxy Cash Climber, as well as, a number of other promotions and offers, including a great Membership Scheme and Loyalty Points.

So how many variants of Bingo are actually offered by Foxy Bingo? Well there is 90 Ball Bingo of course, then there’s 75 Ball, there’s the Pre-Buy Jackpots, Guaranteed Jackpots, Progressive Jackpots, 1 to Go games and Tourneys. Also a heap of Chat Games as well!

There’s heaps of fun coverall and pattern games when you play 75 Ball Bingo, as well as the brilliant 5 Line Bingo for you to try out for size (and luck).

As far as Pre-Buy Jackpots are concerned, its handy that you can buy tickets for all these games in advance, so you get to join in the fun even if you cant be at your PC when the game actually plays. Note there’s Pre-Buy Jackpot games running every single night, with prizes including dream holidays, luxury treats and the Daily Guaranteed Jackpots. Log onto Foxy Bingo and check out the prizes and prices for each day.

Bingo within a limited number of calls to scoop the tasty 90 and 75 Ball Progressive Jackpots. Be advised (if you don’t already know) that every time you play one of the great 90 ball games (excluding the guaranteed jackpots) that part of every single penny goes into a separate progressive jackpot.

This simply means that every time you play a 90 ball game that you are also playing for the progressive jackpot. To win the progressive jackpot you need to bingo on the FH in 44 calls or less.

As far as the 75 Ball Progressive Jackpot you will want to know that the progressive jackpot pattern is the Lucky Stars pattern. This means that each time you play a Lucky Stars pattern game a small part of each pattern spent goes towards the 75 ball progressive jackpot – which you are also playing for!]

Just so you are sure, to win the 75 ball progressive jackpot, you need to bingo on the Lucky Stars pattern in 46 calls or less!

Play Foxy Bingo on your Mobile Phone

Tried Foxy Bingo out on your mobile yet? All you need to do is to text Foxy to ‘Play for Free” and get £2.50 in Bonus Funds as well. Check out ‘Foxy’s Diary’ for the very latest in events, promotions, offers and games, you can play your entire Foxy week using Foxy’s Diary!

All day today is the January Sale with massive bonuses, guaranteed jackpots and more – all for just pennies. Also tonight at 9pm there is that amazing £10,000 Guaranteed Jackpot as well – All at Foxy Bingo for your playing pleasure!

Closes tomorrow, that is on Saturday, 8 January. What closes? The big Foxy Bingo ‘January Bingo Sale’ that is. Don miss the last day of massive bonuses – grab the advantages while they last. At the same time, keep your eyes peeled for the next sale which may be coming soon at Foxy Bingo.

Also, at 9pm, Saturday evening there is a £5,000 Guaranteed Jackpot – for just 50p per card too!

There is no doubt about it players, with Foxy Bingo’s ‘Guaranteed Jackpots’ there’s Hundreds of Thousands of £’s to be WON EVERY day. Actually Foxy Bingo GIVE AWAY over £1 Million in GUARANTEED jackpots every single month of the year.

There are Guaranteed Games at Foxy every 30 minutes – yes you read correctly – every 30 minutes – 24 hours per day two – 7 days per week!

These games run in 12 different game rooms at Foxy Bingo (both 75 and 90 Ball rooms too). The jackpots range from a tasty £50 all the way up to a whopping big £10,000! Just log onto Foxy Bingo to check out their full guaranteed jackpot schedule for yourself.

DON’T forget though to check out too the pre-purchase tab in the Foxy Bingo lobby where every single night of the week you can pre-buy your cards for additional jackpots of up to £25,000!

“The Biggies” – ie the “Progressive Jackpots” at Foxy Bingo are played in both the 75 Ball and 90 Ball rooms. To win a Progressive game you must bingo within either 46 calls in a 75 ball game or 44 calls within a 90 ball game.

Just so players are aware, a small part of every penny spent in the Foxy Bingo 90 ball rooms goes into a special separate jackpot fund. In every game played in the 90 ball rooms, except the guaranteed jackpot games, players are also going for the progressive jackpot as well.

As for 75 Ball Progressive Jackpot games – you’ll want to note that the Progressive Jackpot pattern in the Foxy Bingo 75 ball rooms is the “Lucky Stars” pattern. Also note that a small part of each penny spent on the ‘Lucky Stars’ pattern games goes into a separate jackpot fund also.

There’s some great Tournaments weekly played in the Foxy Bingo chat rooms – tourneys such as ‘Pin the Host’, ‘Foxy Racers’ and ‘Hide & Seek’ – do try them out, you’ll have loads of fun!


Foxy Bingo Weekly Specials

Along with all their big money weekly guaranteed online bingo games, Foxy Bingo also have a number of (weekly specials) going on for their members to enjoy.

Weekly specials at Foxy Bingo consist of speed bingo, happy hours, night owl bingo, early bird bingo, Sunday brunch bingo and coffee mornings. Each of these themed Foxy Bingo specials brings you the chance to bag some additional bonuses, so if you are playing at their online bingo site when a (special) is running, it could be well worth taking part in.

In the early bird special for instance you would grab 5,000 bps if you won bingo on the sausage, bacon or fried egg pattern……….and this would be on top of the prize pot you just won. 5,000 bps equals £5 worth of free bingo for you… bingo points are definitely worth winning.

The Foxy Bingo diary is a great way to keep fully up to date with what the Fox is up to on a weekly basis as it outlines some of their best bingo deals of the day. Monday remains prize bingo night on Foxy Bingo where a range of goodies are up for grabs every week and Fridays are always an interesting time to be a Foxy Bingo player as well.

Every single Friday night a guaranteed £10,000 jackpot game comes out to play at Foxy Bingo and as this is guaranteed cash that we are talking about, it must be won on the night. Bingo tickets for the £10k game cost £1 each to purchase and you also have the option of pre-buying them at any time throughout the week.

The same goes for all the big money guaranteed games at Foxy Bingo, so even if you cannot actually be online when they do play, you do not have to miss out on your chance of taking part.

Foxy Bingo are currently one of the top UK online bingo sites on the net and with over 40 separate bingo rooms to select from you will not be fighting 100’s of other players for those prize pots. Some bingo rooms of course are busier than others, but that is the beauty of having so much choice.


Big New Years Eve Foxy Bingo Game

Foxy Bingo are going to see out the year like no other online bingo site on the net roomies and they will be doing this by putting on a massive guaranteed £31,000 bingo game (the biggest and bests of the year by far)!

What a way this could be to see in the New Year by winning a slice of £31k at Foxy Bingo……… for all you interested players, here are full details of (the big one)!

The New Year’s Eve guaranteed £31,000 online bingo game is set to kick off on Foxy Bingo at 10pm on the night. Now Foxy Bingo are not stupid and they know that lots of you are going to be out and about on New Year’s eve celebrating with family and friends, so they are giving you the option to pre-purchase your bingo tickets for this game……… your bingo tickets will play for you whether you are logged onto their site at the time of the big money bonanza or not.

Throughout December Foxy Bingo have been bringing their members the chance to grab some free bingo tickets into their big money New Year’s eve cracker, but if you were not lucky enough to win any you can purchase yours for £1.50 per ticket.

When the guaranteed £31,000 jackpot game plays at Foxy Bingo on New year’s eve you will have not one, but five chances to bag yourself a very nice cash prize roomies and this is a breakdown of how it will payout on the night.

One Line is worth – £3,500
Two Lines are worth – £7,500
Full House is worth – £15,500

Plus……….all players who miss out on winning the big £15,500 jackpot by just one number (get 1tg) will share in £3,000 in cash and all players who miss out by getting 2tg will share in a £1,000 cash jackpot.

So you could still become a Foxy Bingo New Year’s Eve game winning, without actually winning the game that played! More chances to win has got to be great news for their members as we all know just how frustrating it can be to get that dreaded 1tg! Good Luck to all of you that are participating in this one………….and Happy New Year from all of us here at the Online Bingo Club.


Festive Foxy Bingo Events

There’s been some really beaut prizes with the Foxy Bingo Advent Calendar hasn’t there players, for instance there was one on the weekend where there was 3 X £50 PlayCm Vouchers to be won!

All players had to do with that one was to play a few Instant Win Games at Foxy Bingo! There’s heaps more in the days ahead though players with the last on Christmas Eve!

Quickly checking ‘Foxy’s Diary’ we found that there’s some really amazing events popping up this week players plus Foxy Bingo’s “Foxy Weekly Specials” as well to enjoy. You see Foxy loves their players so much that they have loads and loads of specials on that run every single week – giving players FREE Bingo Points, CASH and CHEAP AS CHIPS Bingo games!

Take for instance “Speed Bingo”. For those times when you really are in a rush, got very little time but don’t want to miss out totally on your Foxy fun! You don’t need to with Foxy Bingo’s special brand of “Speed Bingo”! Play either before work between 6.30am and 7.30am or at lunchtime from 12.30pm to 1.30pm. In either the “Love Me Ten-der” or “Bingo Lightnin” rooms!

After all the cards are cheap at just 10p each and the games are Guaranteed to run Super Quick – so there’s no need at all to miss out!

AND Foxy Bingo have bumped up the number of Happy Hours players – they now run on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays! During the hours of both 3pm to 4pm and again from 10pm to 11pm. Happy Hours at Foxy Bingo are all about either 100% Free and/or Penny Games in both ‘Gimme 5’ and ‘Ten Penny Falls’ rooms at Foxy Bingo!

Fond of birds? Well you can choose between Night Owls or Early Birds with the “Night Owls Special” and the “Early Birds Special” games at Foxy Bingo.

The first one is for those players who are more nocturnal and they are made up of both Free and Penny Games for two whole hours every Wednesday and Friday mornings! Between 2am and 3am and again from 5am to 6am. You need to be early to grab your space! Don’t miss these ones they are excellent games!

As for “Early Birds Special” games they require you to be up at the crack of dawn on Tuesdays and Thursday. You can win 5,000 BPs, from 6am to 8am by simply logging onto Foxy Bingo and bingoing on the Bacon, Fried Egg or Sausage patterns in the Foxy Bingo 75 Ball rooms!


Foxy Bingo Flottery

Foxy Bingo have come up with their very own ingenious lottery style promotion and they have very aptly named this one (Foxy Flottery)! The Foxy Bingo flottery is completely free to take part in and it brings you the chance to bag a £50 cash prize each and every week between now and February 2011, completely free…………yes free!

The Foxy Bingo flottery really does not cost you a penny to play………..the only thing that you need is the Foxy Bingo mag which dropped though your letterboxes a few weeks ago. With the Foxy Bingo mag you should have got a letter with 6 numbers on it…………and to play the Foxy Flotter you simply need to check these numbers each week at their online bingo site.

If your Foxy flottery numbers come up you would have just bagged yourself £50 in cash for free! So make sure you get checking you flottery numbers weekly roomies, or you really could miss out on picking up a free cash prize courtesy of Foxy Bingo online.

The flottery numbers will appear on your members page every Monday at Foxy Bingo, so to check them you simply need to log into your account. This promo brings you more than 10 chances to win a free cash prize over the coming weeks roomies and if you are a lucky winner make sure you email Foxy Bingo and they will credit your account with the £50 free flottery win the very next day.

Foxy Bingo online are well known for coming up with new ideas and offers for their members and we are sure that they are all just going to love the Foxy flottery. For your information Foxy Bingo are also currently in the misted of an advent calendar Christmas themed promo and this one brings you the chance to win some great gifts every day of the week in the run up to Christmas eve.

To check out just what you could win simply log onto the homepage of Foxy Bingo each day and click the date on their Christmas tree. This will reveal the prize that they have got up for grabs and just how you could win it!


Biggest Bingo Game of the Year on Foxy Bingo

One thing is for sure the online bingo site of Foxy Bingo will be ending the year 2010 on a big bingo high note and there will be more than fireworks to celebrate for at least one of their lucky online bingo players.

The biggest guaranteed online bingo game of the year will be coming out to play at Foxy Bingo online on New Year’s Eve 2010…………up for grabs roomies will be £31,000 and it must be won! This massive guaranteed online bingo game will be played on the traditional 90 ball bingo format of the game, so you will get three chances to bag yourself a huge cash prize………plus even if you get that dreaded (1tg) or even (2tg) you will still be a Foxy Bingo winner!

Check out just how the £31,000 New Year’s Eve game will payout on the night roomies.

One Line Prize – £3,500
Two Line Prize – £7,500
Full House Prize – £15,500

All players that get 1tg on the game will share in a £3,000 cash prize and all players who get 2tg on the game will share in a £1,500 cash prize. This really is the online bingo game of the year to play in at Foxy Bingo roomies and it is definitely one not to miss out on.

Your bingo tickets for the £31,000 New Year’ Eve game at Foxy Bingo will cost £1.50 each to purchase and you can log onto their online bingo site as from now to grab them. Foxy Bingo are also giving their online bingo players the chance to win some free tickets for this game over the next few weeks, so make sure you keep a look out at their online bingo site for these offers.

Last night Foxy Bingo put on three games where their members could win 36 free bingo tickets for the New Year’s Eve £31k game…………..which were worth £54 to the winner………as that is how much it would cost you to purchase 36 tickets for the game.

Good luck to all of you that are taking part in the £31,000 Foxy Bingo New Year’s Eve game……..and remember roomies as you can pre-buy for this one you do not have to be logged onto their site when the game actually plays.


ASOS Voucher Prize Night on Foxy Bingo

If you love shopping at ASOS online roomies you are just going to love what is on the online bingo tables of Foxy Bingo tonight! An ASOS voucher prize night is coming out to play at Foxy Bingo and this is one bingo offer that really could see you all glamed up for Christmas on Foxy!

Plus you could even win 36 free tickets for the biggest game of the year which is set to take place at Foxy Bingo online on New Year’s Eve 2010………….and we are talking about being in with the chance of winning up to £31,000 in guaranteed cash on this one roomies.

The ASOS voucher prize night will be kicking off on Foxy Bingo at 8pm tonight guys and it will run through until 11pm. Every 10 minutes during this time a prize bingo game will come out to play and this is what you can expect to be in with the chance of winning from stakes of just 1p!

8pm game – £100 worth of ASOS vouchers – Letter F – ticket price 25p
8.20pmgame – £50 worth of ASOS vouchers – Letter O – ticket price 10p
8.40pm game – 36 cards for the £31,000 New Year’s Eve spectacular worth £54 – Letter X – ticket price 10p
9pm game – £100 worth of ASOS vouchers – Letter Y – ticket price 25p
9.20pm game – £75 worth of ASOS vouchers – Letter P – ticket price 1p
9.40pm game – 36 cards for the £31,000 New Year’s Eve spectacular worth £54 – Letter R – ticket price 10p
10pm game – £50 worth of ASOS vouchers – Letter I – ticket price 10p
10.20pm game – £100 worth of ASOS vouchers – Letter Z – ticket price 25p
10.40pm game – £75 worth of ASOS vouchers – Letter E – ticket price 1p
11pm game – 36 cards for the £31,000 New Year’s Eve spectacular worth £54 – Letter S – ticket price 10p

Now that is what you call a great Foxy Bingo prize night to take part in roomies and we are sure lots of their players would just love to win those free tickets into the biggest game of the year (the £31,000) guaranteed bonanza which is set to take place at their online bingo site on New Year’s Eve 2010!


Winter Friends Magazine from Foxy Bingo

The latest edition of the Foxy Bingo magazine was aptly named (Winter Friends) and once again it come packed full of bingo offers and deals for their readers to take advantage off.

The Foxy Bingo Winter Friends mag was a special prize issue edition in readiness for the festive season, which has brought their players the chance to win a home cinema system for Christmas worth £1,000 or even spend a day with Foxy himself.

So if the Foxy Bingo Winter Friends mag has dropped through your letter box, make sure you pick it up and have a read as you may just be surprised with what you find. The Foxy Bingo mag really is filled with all sorts of great bingo deals from the Fox and the index looked something like this (which pretty much gives you an indication of what you will find).

Smile at a young mum’s joy
Nominate a friend for Foxy Flowers
Win a £1,000 home cinema system
Tango with Strictly’s Len Goodman
Book pantomime tickets today
View Foxy Bingo’s festive calendar
Refer a friend to Foxy and claim cash
Enjoy a Foxy Bingo flutter on Mondays
Tune into Foxy radio on Fridays
Meet Chat Host Echo
Bake a batch of gingerbread men
Serve up free backed beans in 2011
Read Foxy Bingo fortunes

As you can see there is pretty much a mixed bag of things that you can have a read off in the Foxy Bingo magazines, which could go down well whilst you are on your (tea of coffee) break.

If you are a regular player at Foxy Bingo their winter friends mag is definitely not one to miss and don’t forget to enter those free competitions either roomies.

The foxy bingo mags are stylish, well presented and you can tell that no expense has been spared when producing them. Foxy Bingo has never ever done things by halfs and he was not going to scrimp in the (magazine) department either.

Foxy Bingo still remain one of the top online bingo sites on the net despite hundreds of new sites hitting the net over the past few years.


Free Friday Bingo Treat on Foxy Bingo

Every single Friday night Foxy Bingo online treat their members in one way or another and this week they will be treating them to a fab Free Bingo Friday game.

And roomies we can tell you that this is one free online bingo game from Foxy Bingo that you are not going to want to miss out on because a guaranteed £1,500 jackpot cash prize is up for grabs…………..and as stakes have been set at zero it really will not cost you anything to take part!

The free £1,500 bingo game is due to take place at Foxy Bingo on Friday night 26th November roomies and the place you need to head to when logged onto their bingo site will be their (Foxy Ladies) bingo room.

So take your seats and grab those free bingo tickets guys, as you could end up £1,500 richer on the night……..for doing nothing, but playing the game you love, bingo!

Friday nights are always an exciting time to play online bingo with Foxy Bingo as that is when their big money guaranteed £10,000 jackpot game comes out to play. And as this one is played on the traditional 90 ball bingo format of the game, you get three chances to bag yourself a great cash prize as well.

The Friday night guaranteed £10k game takes place at 9pm Sharpe on Foxy Bingo, your bingo tickets into it cost £1 each to purchase and it pays out as follows –

One Line – £1,000
Two Lines – £3,000
Full House – £6,000

You have the option of pre-buying your bingo ticket for the guaranteed £10k Friday night jackpot game at Foxy Bingo, so even you are going to be out an about on Friday night you do not have to miss out on your chance of playing for all this guaranteed cash.

This is far from the only guaranteed jackpot game playing at Foxy Bingo either, in fact they play around £1 million pounds worth of guaranteed jackpot game every single month. A full detailed guaranteed jackpot schedule can be found to view at Foxy Bingo……..and this is well worth taking a look at.


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