Play Foxy Bingo on your Mobile Phone

Tried Foxy Bingo out on your mobile yet? All you need to do is to text Foxy to ‘Play for Free” and get £2.50 in Bonus Funds as well. Check out ‘Foxy’s Diary’ for the very latest in events, promotions, offers and games, you can play your entire Foxy week using Foxy’s Diary!

All day today is the January Sale with massive bonuses, guaranteed jackpots and more – all for just pennies. Also tonight at 9pm there is that amazing £10,000 Guaranteed Jackpot as well – All at Foxy Bingo for your playing pleasure!

Closes tomorrow, that is on Saturday, 8 January. What closes? The big Foxy Bingo ‘January Bingo Sale’ that is. Don miss the last day of massive bonuses – grab the advantages while they last. At the same time, keep your eyes peeled for the next sale which may be coming soon at Foxy Bingo.

Also, at 9pm, Saturday evening there is a £5,000 Guaranteed Jackpot – for just 50p per card too!

There is no doubt about it players, with Foxy Bingo’s ‘Guaranteed Jackpots’ there’s Hundreds of Thousands of £’s to be WON EVERY day. Actually Foxy Bingo GIVE AWAY over £1 Million in GUARANTEED jackpots every single month of the year.

There are Guaranteed Games at Foxy every 30 minutes – yes you read correctly – every 30 minutes – 24 hours per day two – 7 days per week!

These games run in 12 different game rooms at Foxy Bingo (both 75 and 90 Ball rooms too). The jackpots range from a tasty £50 all the way up to a whopping big £10,000! Just log onto Foxy Bingo to check out their full guaranteed jackpot schedule for yourself.

DON’T forget though to check out too the pre-purchase tab in the Foxy Bingo lobby where every single night of the week you can pre-buy your cards for additional jackpots of up to £25,000!

“The Biggies” – ie the “Progressive Jackpots” at Foxy Bingo are played in both the 75 Ball and 90 Ball rooms. To win a Progressive game you must bingo within either 46 calls in a 75 ball game or 44 calls within a 90 ball game.

Just so players are aware, a small part of every penny spent in the Foxy Bingo 90 ball rooms goes into a special separate jackpot fund. In every game played in the 90 ball rooms, except the guaranteed jackpot games, players are also going for the progressive jackpot as well.

As for 75 Ball Progressive Jackpot games – you’ll want to note that the Progressive Jackpot pattern in the Foxy Bingo 75 ball rooms is the “Lucky Stars” pattern. Also note that a small part of each penny spent on the ‘Lucky Stars’ pattern games goes into a separate jackpot fund also.

There’s some great Tournaments weekly played in the Foxy Bingo chat rooms – tourneys such as ‘Pin the Host’, ‘Foxy Racers’ and ‘Hide & Seek’ – do try them out, you’ll have loads of fun!