Online Bingo – The Stats and Figures

Having played bingo for many years I recently tried to work out how much money I have both paid out and won since I started. I won’t tell you how much exactly, but all I’ll say is that I have spent more than I have won, surprise surprise. But it got me thinking about the real figures for the game, how many people play it, the chances of winning and how much other people tend to pay out when playing.

After doing a little research I began to notice the trend of online bingo appearing and overtaking its more traditional father if you will. Having looked into it in more depth it was really quite surprising how much it had grown in such a short space of time. Since 2008 user figures have risen from 50,000 to an incredible 3 million in 2012. It’s an incredible statistic; what’s even more incredible about it though is if you take into consideration the amount the average female player spends per month is at £120 you begin to see how much money is actually in online betting and gaming.

In terms of wins for players the amount of prize money paid out by the national bingo game association since it began back in 1986 tots up to around £725,179,338, a number that (you would hope) is growing day by day. But that figure isn’t much when related to amount of players and how much money they spend on playing bingo month by month.

Big wins do happen though, proven by the current record jackpot win in the UK which came in at £935,000 back in December 2002. Obviously it’s not very common at all for wins such as this, with you’re average bingo win rarely going over the £250; even less if you play the cheap penny games online which tend to win roughly £12 (depending on what game you play).

The bingo industry is a growing one; appealing to more and more people in an increasingly technologically reliant world. With online playing figures rising year on year its popularity could potentially have a detrimental effect on the traditional bingo hall game.