Find Special Bingo Patterns at 888

Fancy 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, team bingo or progressive jackpots? No matter what turns a player on they will find it all at 888 Ladies Bingo!

75 ball bingo, with its special bingo patterns equals special bingo jackpots in this bingometric version of the game. It exhibits the science of fun! Whereas the steaming UK classic of the game (90 ball bingo) is served up next to a running chat bar full of super hilarious fun. Remember bingo, especially 90 ball, is a social scene extraordinaire!

888 Ladies Bingo is really into a cash splash environment – its got jackpot mania – each day of the week – 7 days per week currently!

For example, on Monday you have a mixture of guaranteed jackpots (from £100 up to £300) and coverall jackpots (up to the excellent amount of £5,000) – as well as progressive jackpots all day long!

With Tuesday you start off again with £100 guaranteed jackpots but got up to £1,000 guaranteed jackpots – again progressive jackpots all day long too!

With Wednesday you again have a varied array, including the new 5 round – £888 guaranteed jackpot. Log onto 888 Ladies Bingo to see what other days individually offer – including those amazing Friday, Saturday and Sunday games (where there is £50,000, £20,000 and £10,000, respectively, up for grabs)!

888 Ladies Bingo has that amazing £3,000 free cash game coming up (the £3K adventure) at 9pm on Sunday, 29 July.

Also the joy million a month is something to focus on. It’s the game where you can score 1,000,000 joy points for just a tiny 10p (played on alternating Joy sites).

More party pals mean more jps – join in with the special team bingo, enjoy that club-hop each fortnight and win yourself extra jps! The more party pals you have – the more points you will score! Just sign up for team bingo at 888 and leave it to them to get the party started!

Finally and importantly – there is that free £10,000 summer pot. Get hot under the collar this summer with this one with a flaming share of hard cash. Get yourself a share of that £10,000 for free – Sunday, 30 September. Earn yourself a supply of free cards.