Diamond Deposit Specials on Gone Bingo

900%, that’s the size of the bonus you will receive from Gone Bingo players! Preceding that of course is that fabulous gift of £15 Free you receive from Gone Bingo.

ADD the 350% Bonus on ALL Reloads, the very special Diamonds Deposit Special, the special “£3,100 Give Away – Daily Slot Tourney”, the ‘Magical 2011’?, the amazing “£2,011 Jackpots” in 30 Calls and the ‘2011 – 75 Ball Special’! THESE & MORE at Gone Bingo players. ALL you need to do is to log on and enjoy the play!

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at the fact that usually ‘Diamonds are a woman’s best friend’ – this time via a very special series of Deposits at Gone Bingo! It works like this players:

Deposit just £10 to £10 – Get a 150% Bonus
Deposit £20 to £29 – Obtain a 250% Bonus & 1 Diamond
Deposit £30 to £49 – Obtain a 325% Bonus & 2 Diamonds

YET if you were to;

Deposit between £50 & £99 – You would get a 350% Bonus & 5 Diamonds
Deposit £100 or above – You’d get a 400% Bonus plus 12 Diamonds

What a sparkling Diamond of a Deposit Special Promotion that is – the event days will last up till the 31 January too players!

Then players have the delight of “Magical 2011” to profit from. This is the Gone Bingo 90 Ball Special – giving players a real change to get a head start in the New Year – with an amazing £2,011 to be won DAILY too! That’s a massive total of £62,341 to be given away by Gone Bingo in January 2011 alone!

This magical promotion is played from 3pm to Midnight each day in the 90 Ball Linked Bingo room at Gone Bingo! NOTE players, every TOH (Top Of the Hour) you can win a fixed pot of £201.10 too!

THEN you have to experience the delight of the Gone Bingo “£2,011 Jackpots”! This 2011 the jackpots are primed at £2,011. Here is a real chance for players to fatten their wallets by logging onto Gone Bingo and clicking through to the 80 Ball Linked Room. This promo is played every TOH. Bingo in 38 calls to win that great £2,011 Jackpot players!

Cant ignore that great 75 Ball Special Promotion – the “2011 75 Ball Special” at Gone Bingo though. This Near Year – Three New Bingo patterns! Bingo on the “0”, “1” & “2” Patterns to spell “2011” and WIN £11 for each set.

The ‘2’, ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘1’ Pattern games are played at random in the 75 Ball Linked Room with the games running all through January!