Why Online Bingo is Better than Bingo Halls

Online Bingo is a hugely popular pastime for people all over the world. It has been estimated that over 100 million people worldwide turn to online Bingo games for fun, entertainment and chat, not to mention some fantastic big money prizes. So what is it about online Bingo that attracts so many people?

Open all hours

Bingo fans have traditionally been catered for by bricks and mortar casinos and dedicated Bingo halls. Formerly seen as a favourite for pensioners who could enjoy a cup of tea and a chat with friends whilst possibly winning a few pounds, the growth of the internet has attracted a whole new audience.

From stay-at-home mums who want a little ‘me’ time after caring for the children, to the busy executive hoping to let off some steam after work, online Bingo offers the chance to make friends and win cash at any hour of the day or night.

Learn to play at your own pace

Online Bingo caters for players of all abilities. So from experienced players to the complete beginner, there is sure to be a game of interest.

Online tutorials and help screens guide the new player through all aspects of playing online Bingo, allowing players to get a feel for the game before progressing to live jackpot games.

Choose to play at an easy level, or play one of the more advanced games for extra thrills and bigger prizes.

Play for free at some sites

A number of the top Bingo websites offer games that you can play absolutely for free, with the opportunity to win cash prizes in some cases. Some sites offer a limited number of free games to each player whilst others reward player loyalty with additional free games when they deposit some money into their account. Either way, you don’t necessarily have to spend any money to win prizes.

Bonus payouts and additional features

Many top sites offer powerful incentives to new players by matching initial deposits to make your cash stretch even further. Some online Bingo sites will offer cash incentives of up to 300 % of your original deposit, so check out the top bonus payments before registering.

An auto facility available at some Bingo sites will even alert you to a win, leaving you free to chat with new friends and enjoy the socialising.

Make new friends

Most online Bingo sites offer a chat facility to allow you to communicate with fellow players. Although up to 80% of players tend to be female, that still leaves 20% of players who are male, so fun and flirtation can be a part of your Bingo social scene if you so choose.

If you prefer to see exactly who you are chatting to, head over to www.bingocams.com which offers the unique service of webcam Bingo, so that players can really get to know each other as they play.

A word of caution

Always make sure that the site you choose is a reputable Bingo site. Never part with debit or credit card details until you are sure that the site is recognised and trustworthy.

Bet365 Bingo Sponsor Emmerdale

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Daily Bingo Linx is also on offer as is the VIP Slots Cashback as well.

Note also, there is a range of Super Free Bingo games to enjoy.

As for the Daily Bingo Linx, well, every single day of the week at Bet365 Bingo, there is at least a minimum of £8,000 up for grabs. Bet365 also boast of regular special games for their players – excitement is available all day long at this very player proactive site.

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And if that isn’t enough, they will be conducting a dazzling £5,000 Bingo Linx game at 10.30pm on Friday and a £4,000 game at 10.300m on both Saturday and Sunday!

Want to find out more detail about this planned incredible weekend experience, simply log onto Bet365 and see the examples of the amazing games that will be on offer – including such ones as Grab a Grand, Super Sunday, Bargain Bingo, Weekend Last Chance, Weekend 1 & 2TG and Weekend Party Bingo!

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Mecca Bingo to Relaunch Bingo Clubs

Mecca Bingo are due to re-launch two of their land based bingo clubs over the next few week and we are sure Mecca Bingo fans in both Dagenham and Southend are going to be delighted with the news and brand new looking bingo clubs.

Recently Mecca Bingo also brought a bit of extra colour to the district of Essex by turning their now iconic Hollywood style bingo sign, from white to pink. Along with this they also hired a butler in the buff, which of course created lots of excitement for the ladies.

These stunts by Mecca Bingo were in aid of highlighting their F & B offer as well as bringing along the After Dark Binglets and The Shadow which are characters from the late night sessions. By the looks of things when Mecca Bingo go on a re-launch they certainly do not do things by bingo halfs.

For your information the brand new look Mecca Bingo club in Southend is due to open its doors to customers on Thursday 28th October and Mecca Bingo in Dagenham should open shortly afterwards during November.

To make things even more interesting for Mecca Bingo members they will also be bringing them the chance to win a brand new Mini Cooper car, via a free prize draw. So if you are going to be visiting one of these bingo clubs…….don’t forget to enter.

It is great to hear about bingo clubs being re-launched rather than them closing down……….as the UK bingo industry has definitely been on the decline over the past few years. As we know the bingo industry has been facing some very turbulent times from unfair VAT charges to the game of online bingo taking off in a big way.

Bingo, however does seem to be on the fight back, which has got to be great news for the UK bingo playing public. When a bingo clubs closes down it can affect our OAP’s in a very negative way because sometimes their local bingo club is their only means of escaping out of their homes for a while.

Bingo clubs provide a safe environment for them where they can meet up with their friends, have some lunch or dinner…….whilst having fun. Without bingo clubs some of them would become house bound……………so bingo really is so much more than just a game.


Mecca Bingo Raise Cash through Online Bingo

Mecca Bingo have raised even more cash for their chosen charity, Marie Curie Cancer Care, through charity bingo games they run at their online bingo site. And we are talking about £12,000 in cash being added to the charity prize fund, so their online initiative has certainly played its part.

During the month of May this year Mecca Bingo brought their online bingo players the chance to play charity games at their site, where not only would they have been able to win real cash prizes, but raise money for this great cause as they played.

The charity event at Mecca Bingo obviously proved to be a great success for them and the cash raised will go towards the £200,000 pot that they have pledged to raise for Marie Curie throughout 2010.

In celebration of this charity event held at their online bingo site, Mecca Bingo also selected one of the Marie Curie game winners to attend an all expenses paid VIP night out at their land based bingo clubs in (Oldbury) and present the cheque.

The lucky winner was Wendy Hill from Sutton Coldfield………speaking about the event, she said –

“When my other half, Jon, told me that I’d been contacted by Mecca Bingo and my name had been drawn to represent them at a charity event, I was stunned. An all expenses paid night for four at Mecca Oldbury was a girl’s dream come true – I didn’t find out about the karaoke until later, which was just the icing on the cake!”

“As we readied ourselves for an evening of bingo, outfits were selected carefully and knowing that our picture would be taken, a visit to the hairdressers was a must! After much preparation, we arrived at Mecca Oldbury – it’s very pink! We were greeted by Bingo Dave and the team and introduced to Marie Curie volunteers, Trevor and Eileen Hall, before being shown to our table, which was covered in balloons and bubbly.”

“We had pictures taken with Trevor and Eileen to mark the occasion, before sitting down to play bingo with our electronic boards. Mecca Oldbury is so big – I was amazed! The Club has the usual bingo hall as well as a lounge area which was more relaxed. The latter area is where our table was located and enabled us to have a chat whilst we were playing. Oldbury had so many slot machines, the choice was amazing!”

Even though the bingo industry has been experiencing some very turbulent times over the past few years, their charity fundraising has never wavered.


Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo Kick Off

Bingo giants Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo are synonymous within the bingo industry for raising funds for some very worthwhile charities indeed and they are about to (kick off) all in aid of trying to raise even more cash for charity of course!

Later on this month both Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo employees from their respective land based bingo clubs situated in Plymouth  and Davenport will be going head to head in a five a side charity football match.

Gala Bingo aim to raise even more funds for their chosen charity (Sue Ryder Care) and Mecca Bingo aim to raise more cash for (Marie Curie Cancer Care). Both bingo operators have pledged to raise astronomical sums for their selected charities – Gala Bingo smashed through their one million pound target last year, so they upped the fundraising ante by another £500,000 and by the sounds of it they are well on target to meet this.

The friendly football action will be kicking off at 1pm and along with this all sorts of other events will be taking place on the day, including raffles a book stall, etc. etc. Both bingo clubs are hoping that the day will be well supported by their regular bingo players and everyone is welcome to turn up and join in the (bingo based) fun, with a football twist.

All monies raised during the football event will be split equally between both Mecca Bingo and Gala Bingo, which will then be added to their charity pot.

Organiser and manager of Gala Bingo Derry Cross, David Gregory-Clements, said: “It’s really gaining some momentum now and we’re all looking forward to the day. This five-a-side tournament not only allows us to generate a bit of friendly rivalry between the local bingo clubs but also to do something really positive for both of our charities. We are all hoping the day will be well supported. May the best team win!”

Mecca Devonport General Manager, Nigel Green, commented: “The team has been training hard and we are all really pleased to be taking on a rival local bingo club to raise money for both charities! It should certainly be a lot of fun on the day and we hope our customers and team members will come along to show their support and help us raise a lot of money.”

Although this is all in the name of raising cash for charity there is still going to be a certain extent of rivalry going on between the two teams, but we will just have to wait and see which team (Mecca or Gala) will be shouting (bingo) when they win.

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