Win a Five night Trip to Las Vegas with Foxy Bingo

How would you like to be in with the chance of winning a five night fun packed luxury trip to the Las Vegas? If you answered (Yes) then read on, as we will tell you exactly how you could win this great prize from playing at Foxy Bingo over the next couple of weeks! Foxy Bingo have just released news of their January 2009 online bingo promotions and in the midst of these is a fab trip to Las Vegas just waiting to be won and we are not just talking about any old holiday here, as the lucky winner of this prize package will get to stay in the famous MGM grand hotel that is located at the south end of the Las Vegas strip.

It is definitely going to be Las Vegas here we come for one lucky Foxy Bingo player and a friend when they win this latest online bingo promotion to come out of their bingo site and it will be won here when their grand Las Vegas prize draw takes place on Wednesday 14th January. Foxy Bingo will be running a special “Aeroplane” pattern across all of their 75 ball bingo rooms between now and 13th Jan, every bingo win you get on this pattern will give you one entry into the draw itself, it really is as simple as that to be in with a chance of winning this prize, which will include all of the following!

The prize will include your flights, 5 nights’ accommodation for two people in the MGM hotel in Las Vegas, plus return private airport transfers. The lucky winner and their friend will get to sample everything that Las Vegas offers on this once in a lifetime trip, including visiting the world famous Las Vegas Casinos, restaurants, night life and theatres. They won’t just be dreaming Las Vegas anymore, they will actually get to experience it for real and to be in with a chance of winning this from playing online bingo, is just great to see!

Foxy Bingo have so much going on around their online bingo site every week and this is just one of the online bingo promotions that they have got running here, as they have many, many more including their huge weekly guaranteed online bingo games, super prize nights that take place on a Monday each month and now free bingo Friday will be playing at Foxy Bingo this week, where they will have £1,000 worth of cash prizes up for grabs without it costing their players anything to try and win them!

Special New Year’s Day Bonus at Bingo Scotland

To make sure that all the bingo players at Bingo Scotland have a New Year’s Day 2009 to remember the team behind their online bingo site have decided to offer them a 100% bingo bonus on all deposits made at their bingo site throughout the day! This means that all Bingo Scotland players will be in for double the amount of online bingo fun tomorrow at no extra cost to their own pocket, which is great news for them.

You will find lots of good online bingo action taking place around Bingo Scotland including some big money bingo games each and every week and whilst their bingo site might be aimed at the Scottish player, everyone and anyone are welcomed to join up at Bingo Scotland and enjoy what their online site has to offer.

It just so happens that the big money bingo games fall on a Wednesday each week at Bingo Scotland so New Year’s Eve 2008 should be very exciting tonight. You will find £10,000, £5,000 and £1,000 coverall bingo games playing out in their hot scots bingo room from 8pm, right through until midnight.

These bingo games take place on the hour every hour during this time and these coverall’s start of at £1,000 then increase to £5,000 and then £10,000 at 10pm, they then go all the way back down again, so at 11pm there will be another £5,000 coverall game playing and the night will end on the last big money game at midnight with another £1,000 coverall bingo game. Normal bingo games will continue to play in between all this online bingo coverall action.

The online bingo chat rooms are sure to be buzzing at Bingo Scotland on New Year’s Eve, so if you fancy taking part in a bit of Scottish bingo culture where you will be in with the chance of winning some good cash prizes, then Bingo Scotland might be well worth a look at tonight…….that’s if you are not going to be partying the night away out on the raz that is!

Bingo Scotland have had a great year in 2008, so let’s hope 2009 is going to be even more entertaining.

Wink Me Bingo Network at Wink Bingo!

If you like being a part of a great online bingo community when playing bingo on the net, then you might be interested to hear that Wink Bingo have more recently introduced a great new social networking utility to their bingo site and they have of course named it after their namesake by calling it (Wink Me). So, just what does Wink Me offer their online bingo players? Well this will be a place for them to go to fully interact with other bingo players outside chat and their bingo rooms, plus they have added some great sections here that are not bingo related at all!

Wink Me may be an online bingo networking community but that does not have to mean that is has to be all about bingo and we are pleased to say that Wink Me really seems to deliver the ultimate community bingo package. You do not need to register separately to access Wink Me at Wink Bingo, simply being a member of their online bingo site will give you access to wink me and everything that it entails.

Once you have logged onto your Wink Bingo account you can go into Wink Me by simply clicking the (wink me) icon that you will find in the community area of their online bingo site. This will open up a new bingo window and a whole new bingo world for you to enjoy. Once you are in the wink me section of their bingo site you will be able to create your very own profile and this will tell other Wink Bingo members a little bit about you, it is up to you what you want to put about yourself here and this can be as much or as little as you like.

Sharing photos with your bingo friends as never been easier, thanks to wink me, as you are able to upload all your photos and albums here for others to view. A great celeb section, healthy living and recipe section can also all be found to view on wink me, plus if you like taking part in online bingo team bingo games, then you can form your bingo teams on wink me and keep up to date with all of the team bingo events that take place during each month at Wink Bingo.

Wink Me is a great new addition to Wink Bingo and we are sure that it will prove to be very popular with their online bingo players.

Top Online Bingo Bonuses

Logging onto the internet and playing free online bingo has never been better thanks to some of the great “no deposit required” online bingo bonuses currently available for you to use at lots of bingo sites on the net. With this in mind, we decided to do a rundown of all the top online bingo bonuses that can had from online bingo sites at the moment for you to view, and this will give you all the info that you need to know about who is offering what and where all in the one place.

  • Blackpool Club Bingo – £21 Free Bingo Bonus
  • Game Village Bingo – £20 Free Bingo Bonus
  • Wink Bingo – £15 Free Bingo Bonus
  • Gone Bingo – £15 Free Bingo Bonus
  • Bingo Liner – £15 Free Bingo Bonus
  • King Jackpot Bingo £15 Free Bingo Bonus
  • Bingo Cafe – £15 Free Bingo Bonus
  • Betfred Bingo – £15 Free Bingo Bonus
  • 888 Ladies Bingo – £10 Free Bingo Bonus
  • Harrrys Bingo – £10 Free Bingo Bonus
  • Astro Bingo – £10 Free Bingo Bonus
  • We Luv Bingo – £5 Free Bingo Bonus

When you add all the above free online bingo bonuses up it equates to £166 worth of free online bingo play and it should certainly be enough to get you on the road to playing bingo online and finding out exactly how each one of these respective bingo sites work.

Whilst a free online bingo bonus cannot normally be withdrawn from your online bingo account, winnings derived from this can, as long as the bingo sits wagering requirements that you are playing at have been met. You would also usually have to make at least one deposit into your bingo account before any funds could be withdrawn. Taking into account both of these facts, we would always recommend taking a few minutes out of your time when registering at a new online bingo site, to have a read of the terms and conditions relating to any bingo bonus money that they offer you.

Online bingo bonuses in themselves are what make playing online bingo so unique and they are a great way for all bingo players to take a look at an online bingo site without it actually affecting their own pocket first.

Online Bingo Ousts Bored Housewife Syndrome

Online bingo is fast becoming popular with a new demographic of personality, and although the person who coined the phrase “bored housewife” was probably a male chauvinist pig, with the advent of online bingo and the internet, there is no longer an excuse to use this phrase. Not for anyone.

The world is in a rapidly changing state at present. Technology is changing so quickly that no sooner do we have time to adapt to one set of technological circumstances then another new one arises. With this, so are the demographic of people who use the internet and because there are so many opportunities available today on the internet, it has attracted a wider audience of female users. These could be housewives who are looking to stat up a home based business, as many do, and in their searches have come across many and varied opportunities to take advantage of, including, but not limited to, online bingo.

Online businesses and marketing companies have become aware that female internet users are becoming of a wider scope, and they are trying to take advantage of this situation. Many online businesses are specifically targeting women as they are perceived to be integral to the level of trust the online business requires to build its business. In other words, the woman, not the man, holds the purse strings. Women are also found to be the most likely one in the partnership to go online in search of services and products as well as pricing, before going ahead and making a purchase.

In recent research, internet statistics show that the online industry is dominated by women in terms of the variety of products purchased and pages viewed. As an example, in search of health care of the 66% of US women who go online, 74% of these are searching for health related subject matter.

Online bingo is another very marked example, women make up a customer base of approximately 70% in online bingo and other casual gaming sites, this is a ?2 billion market in the UK and women are providing the growth in this industry. One of the reasons why more internet marketing campaigns are gearing their advertisements to appeal to the female market. There is a guy who writes online about bingo and he complains bitterly that advertisements for bingo are not geared for men. Well chum, this is precisely why; we have the power!