Why Are Online Bingo Sites So Popular?

The popularity of bingo sites is hard to question, but many people still don’t understand what draws millions of people around the world towards them. Here is an answer to that question.

Bingo is one of the most popular games on the internet and has rapidly gained in popularity over the last few years. It doesn’t have the same feel as serious gambling and the risks are much lower, which makes it a great game for people who are simply looking for a way to unwind.

One of the main reasons such sites have rapidly gained in popularity in recent years is the improvement in the technology that is used to provide online gaming. You can now receive a realistic experience in a secure environment, and on some sites you can even talk to other players, on chat rooms. This has made it a much more attractive proposition than the older sites which used to lack excitement or user interaction. Click here to play bingo yourself. The overall professionalism of this online game has increased dramatically and people are now much happier to spend their time playing online rather than go to their local hall.

However, perhaps the most important aspect of the success of this game is the large prize money offered on some sites. A side-effect of millions of people playing bingo online is that the whole industry now has more money, which can then be used as an incentive to attract more players. Essentially, the influx of new players has allowed for huge amounts of prize money to be made available, making this game a great way to have fun whilst also giving yourself the chance to win large sums of cash.

While many casino games are often quite complicated and require significant amounts of investment in order to have a chance of winning big, the game of bingo does not require much investment at all, so it offers the perfect balance between enjoyment and opportunity.

Another way that these websites attract new customers is by offering lucrative bonuses to people who sign-up, also known as welcome bonuses or promotions, which has certainly helped boost their popularity.

It is clear that online bingo is here to stay, and as it rises in popularity the industry will adapt in order to keep growing at a fast pace. If these gaming sites are able to continue their meteoric rise, there could be millions more people playing online in the next few years.

Online Bingo – The Stats and Figures

Having played bingo for many years I recently tried to work out how much money I have both paid out and won since I started. I won’t tell you how much exactly, but all I’ll say is that I have spent more than I have won, surprise surprise. But it got me thinking about the real figures for the game, how many people play it, the chances of winning and how much other people tend to pay out when playing.

After doing a little research I began to notice the trend of online bingo appearing and overtaking its more traditional father if you will. Having looked into it in more depth it was really quite surprising how much it had grown in such a short space of time. Since 2008 user figures have risen from 50,000 to an incredible 3 million in 2012. It’s an incredible statistic; what’s even more incredible about it though is if you take into consideration the amount the average female player spends per month is at £120 you begin to see how much money is actually in online betting and gaming.

In terms of wins for players the amount of prize money paid out by the national bingo game association since it began back in 1986 tots up to around £725,179,338, a number that (you would hope) is growing day by day. But that figure isn’t much when related to amount of players and how much money they spend on playing bingo month by month.

Big wins do happen though, proven by the current record jackpot win in the UK which came in at £935,000 back in December 2002. Obviously it’s not very common at all for wins such as this, with you’re average bingo win rarely going over the £250; even less if you play the cheap penny games online which tend to win roughly £12 (depending on what game you play).

The bingo industry is a growing one; appealing to more and more people in an increasingly technologically reliant world. With online playing figures rising year on year its popularity could potentially have a detrimental effect on the traditional bingo hall game.

Find Special Bingo Patterns at 888

Fancy 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, team bingo or progressive jackpots? No matter what turns a player on they will find it all at 888 Ladies Bingo!

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888 Ladies Bingo is really into a cash splash environment – its got jackpot mania – each day of the week – 7 days per week currently!

For example, on Monday you have a mixture of guaranteed jackpots (from £100 up to £300) and coverall jackpots (up to the excellent amount of £5,000) – as well as progressive jackpots all day long!

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Also the joy million a month is something to focus on. It’s the game where you can score 1,000,000 joy points for just a tiny 10p (played on alternating Joy sites).

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The Ladbrokes Rollover Mini Game

Bingo site of the year for 2011! £30 free, get new bingo bonus, football free zone during Euro 2012! But most important of all a very big congratulations to the recent Ladbrokes Bingo big big bingo winner, who scored £1.3 Million!

Be one of those who play £10 on 90 ball bingo and get £30 extra for free. Play £10 on deal or no deal bingo and get £30 free. Maybe even (while you’re waiting for your next bingo game) play for the massive jackpot in the clover rollover mini game!

Presently its mini-millions time with thousands of cash prizes to be won each week on slot games worth some £2.5 million too!

Did you get around to enjoying either of Ladbrokes Bingo’s big footie fixtures? That is either the football freebies or the football free zone? With the football free zone, you could have escaped the football and played with their bingo balls.

But what you do often need is an unlimited bingo bonus – boost that balance when you refer your friends and acquaintances to Ladbrokes Bingo! Love to gossip? Love to chat with your friends? Well how about getting paid a fiver for each of them – look no further. Refer them to Laddies. Log on for all the necessary details.

Keep in mind that you and all your friends can receive that £30 welcome bingo bonus – plus 1,000 points as well.

Keep in mind also, that the linked games at the site, give you a chance of winning much bigger prizes! Don’t make the mistake of missing out – get your tickets today!

There’s Ladbrokes Link (only 10p per ticket), the 12 noon Bingo Linx (£1,500 prize) for only 50p per tickdet, the 6pm Bingo Linx (where there is £2,500 up for grabs) also at only 50p per ticket, the 9.30pm Bingo Linx (75 game with £1,000), the 10.30pm Bingo Linx (prize of £4,000), and more including the Friday evening £5,000 Bingo Linx and the last Sunday of the month Bingo Linx (where you could actually score £10,000 prize pool.

You Cant Lose Playing on the Red Bus Bingo

Starting with £1,000 free daily, utilising the up to 200% sign on bonus, dabbling with that scratch for up to £2,000 and that fun £100 penny pinchers, how can players lose with Red Bus Bingo? They cant, it’s a site well worth patronising regularly. That £1,000 free game is on every single day at 9.15pm in the free room.

You not only get bingo games at Red Bus though – as there’s also those great instant win, progressive jackpots, slots, progressive jackpots and casino games as well. Lots of variety and diversity at the site.

As for promotions, well maybe try out crown jewels (the top 3 bingo and instant game wagerers each week win themselves a share of £100), the £300 supercharge sunday or the £30 rush hour promotions? But there’s plenty more offers, promotions and bonuses too for you to enjoy and benefit from.

The promotions at Red Bus range from specials, newbies (games and offers), penny games, weekly pre-buys, freebies and vip treats. Log onto the site and investigate them all one by one. Starting of course with the specials (if you’re already a member) or the newbies (if you are completely new to the site).

For example, the specials commence with that great free £10K summer pot, but there’s also the £300 centre court bingo & instant game tourney, where all you need to do is to behave as normal, playing the bingo and ig tourney from 25 June t 8 July (and grab yourself £300 cash). Log on for more details.

Even the £30 rush hour is fun, just beat that rush and win yourself £30 for 3p every night at 7pm. Simply log on, pop along to their £30 rush hour room and set yourself up for a win for only 3p per ticket (you only need buy 1 to get in with a chance). Just bingo on the clock pattern. This promo operates right up until the very end (31) of August.

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